Monday, July 25, 2011

Preserve the Harvest

Learn safe canning techniques, join the fun of canning with friends and take home a share of the bounty!

Come learn how to can; or if you know how, come join in the fun of a community canning party. Register early as space is limited. Registration fee covers produce, canning jars and lids. Each participant will can hands-on, and will take a share of the jars home at the end of the workshop. Dates and times subject to change based on harvest fluctuations. For up-to-date information, including locations, times and cost visit

Preregistration is required. Contact Yvonne at or 231-480-4515.

Apricot Canning
Thursday, August 11
12pm to 5pm
King Orchards, Central Lake

Dilly Beans and Cucumber Pickling
Thursday, August 25
12pm to 5pm
Birch Point Farm, Traverse City

Tomato Canning
Monday, September 12
12pm to 5pm
Wells Family Farm, Williamsburg

Root Storage Workshop
Thursday, September 22
5:30pm to 7:30 pm
Providence Farm, Central Lake

Charcuterie Workshop With Steven Grostick
(home meat curing)

Saturday, October 1
10am to 3pm
Epicure Catering, Omena

Applesauce Canning
Thursday, October 13
12pm to 5pm

Want to volunteer at one of these events? Contact Yvonne at or 231-480-4515.

Made possible with support from Eden Foods, Rising Star Wellness Center andOrganic Valley

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