Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Triple Your Impact Today

A generous donor has offered us a three to one challenge grant.Make your tax-deductable gift before midnight August 15 and your gift will be matched three to one, up to $6,000.

What People are saying About ISLAND
One of the pleasures of talking to Brad and Amanda is that solid ideas are being fermented and tested; there's a quality to such conversations that is truly nutritive, the way a good meal can be, and it reassures one that the arts are not exclusive to a cosmopolitan life."
—Holly Wren Spaulding

For anyone who is tired of talk and ready to just do something, ISLAND has a workshop. Those who spend a few hours or a few days at an affordable ISLAND workshop go home with the knowledge and, often, materials they need to immediately be more self- reliant. ISLAND is training a new generation of backyard beekeepers, mushroom cultivators, chicken tenders, natural builders, cheese makers and community gardeners. ISLAND focuses its work on giving people skills they can immediately put into practice to improve their household economy while reducing their need for energy-intensive industrial goods.

"I'm amazed at the impact ISLAND has achieved in its few short years. The practical, well- run workshops, along with the community-focused artistic outreach, has generated tremendous goodwill and volunteer involvement, enabling ISLAND to accomplish much more than seems possible on its small budget. I'm proud to be among the many enthusiastic fans of an organization that has emerged as one of northern Michigan's premiere resources and leaders in creating a vibrant future.” —Sharon Flesher

Just wanted to send a shout out and a big thank you to ISLAND for a great day on Saturday. We have always wanted to grow mushrooms, but just didn't know how. We sure appreciated the great instruction. The hands-on teaching experience not only sent us home with our own logs, but gave us the tools to do it on our own next year. We couldn't be more excited and we would definitely do it again!” —Brian Beauchamp

Three easy ways to give:
  1. Donate online
  2. Send your check to ISLAND at 5870 Cottage Drive, Bellaire, MI 49615
  3. Call 231-480-4515

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