Saturday, January 27, 2007

Books, Books, Books

We woke up Thursday morning, exhausted and blissed-out from the strong showing of support at our benefit concert, and after a few cups of coffee headed up to Boyne City to receive even more generous gifts.

Bob Russell and Sally Van Vleck of the Neahtawanta Resource and Education Center, good friends and super-organizers of the Great Lakes Bioneer Conference, were recently gifted a house, property and goods from a deceased long-time supporter. Included in the house were thousands of books - titles on spiritual development, ecology, science fiction, yoga and assorted miscellany.

After selecting a few personal favorites for their own collections, Bob and Sally turned the rest of the collection over to ISLAND. We were able to cherry-pick a couple dozen greats for the official ISLAND library. The rest will go on eBay or Amazon to raise money for other projects, and many will be traded on Paperback Swap for books that fit our mission. We filled our truck to the brim, and will need to make a second trip to pick up the rest of the 1000+ titles that we're gifted to us.

Beyond the books, we were also able to pick up a small and high quality wood stove, some metal fencing and other assorted goodies. Thank you Bob & Sally!

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