Saturday, January 27, 2007


The first ISLAND benefit was a success! Great times had by all. Some highlights:

Claudia's spoken word!
The "ISLAND" song - .mp3 coming soon!
Huge crowds of waltzers!
Folks rounding up their cover donations - we easily cleared our fundraising goal of $1000!

Thanks all! Specifically, thank you to the artists - Claudia Schmidt, Daisy May, Seth Bernard (above), Brandon Foote and Laura Bates; thank you to Joe Short and Leah Hannan of Short's Brewing Company for hosting this event and caring about art, community and self-reliance; thank you to Dave Runyan of Runyan Media for working sound and recording the show; thank you to everyone who came, who told someone to come, who hung a flyer or passed out a card; thanks to all the folks who worked the door!

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