Monday, June 27, 2011

Building a Cordwood Sauna

Earthwood Building School's Rob and Jaki Roy were here in Bellaire last week teaching 16 students cordwood masonry construction. The Roys have authored 15 books, including The Sauna and Cordwood Building: The State of the Art.

According to Earthwood Building School,
Cordwood masonry is an old building technique whereby walls are constructed of short logs (called "log-ends") laid up widthwise in the wall within a special mortar matrix. The wall derives excellent insulation and thermal mass characteristics from insulation sandwiched between the inner and outer mortar joints. Cordwood houses are low in cost, use indigenous materials, and are easy and fun to build.

Using a home made water level on the foundation

Pointing the mortar

Trimming up the logs

Mixing the mortar


Working on the shady side

Sawdust acts as insulation inside the walls


Kim and Sam said...

looks like you got a lot done...did you complete the structure?

ISLAND said...

We made very good progress, but did not complete the structure during the workshop. We're working with volunteers over the coming days and weeks to get it done.