Sunday, June 28, 2009


Over the last two months, over 100 trees and shrubs have been donated to ISLAND.

From the Conservation Resource Alliance, we received gray dogwood, American hazelnut, chokecherry, American bittersweet, northern hackberry, flowering dogwood and paper birch.

Greg Safronoff, who is starting a tree nursery in Traverse City, offered up black walnut, English walnut, heartnut, and Chinese chestnut hybrid.

Our pall Bill Palladino of Krios Consulting delivered the last batch by bike--about 80 miles round trip. Thanks, Bill!

Maria, one of ISLAND's summer interns, has been constructing a nursery to help the seedlings survive the animals and the weather.

Brad and Maria have been working together on the initial patch design for the plants that will keep the trees company and enrich the soil.

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turtlewoman said...

Please explain what you mean by "initial patch design".

Thanks, Lindy