Sunday, June 28, 2009

Deadline July 6 for Rooting Deep Branching Out

What do we know about place? How do we understand place through art?

ISLAND is proud to work alongside The Jordan River Arts Council (JRAC) to present a collaborative art exhibition about place. Help to craft a vision of what it means to live in Northwest Lower Michigan—particularly in our relationships to the specific geographies, economies, cultural communities and ecologies of the many small places that make up the north. We invite you to create, collaborate on or host works that allow viewers to move beyond the romantic and often facile answers to the question: “What does it mean to live up north?”

A Call to Artists

Artists have a unique capacity to tell us stories about ourselves – stories that help us to view our community and our world through new eyes. Artists of all disciplines help contribute to this important creative process.

We invite you to submit new or existing work that you feel helps our community to understand more about where we live. Work can be as simple and straightforward, or as complex and conceptual as you like.

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