Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Water Festival comes to Traverse City

Just as the world is seeking the most innovative ways to address the most urgent crises, Traverse City is earning its spot on the global stage when it comes to water, often called “the new oil of the 21st century.”

Big questions are looming for the world’s water supplies, from equitable access to keeping it clean for billions. But water is also something to celebrate: life and beauty, and the deep blue seen from space that defines the planet from all others.

That’s why nationally leading musicians and water luminaries are converging here for the Traverse City Water Festival December 12, 13 and 14 for a water-focused celebration of ideas, music, community and art.

“We’re assembling some of the nation’s leading thinkers and performers to share the most creative ways of telling stories about water, and talking about water,” said Seth Bernard, a musician who has appeared on Prairie Home Companion and who co-founded the event with his performing partner Daisy May and musicians of Earthwork Music. “Water runs through everything we care about, especially here in the Great Lakes,” he said. “It’s so important that we’re combining the best of education and information with fun, family-oriented entertainment.”

The Water Festival is a celebration of community and is designed to engage the public in active stewardship of the Great Lakes and to foster cultivation of a vibrant and sustainable community. It is an, all ages, family-oriented, community-centered event that offers the freshest local music, the freshest local food, and local performing and visual artists.

Earthwork Music has organized highly successful water festivals in Mackinaw City and Grand Rapids, where thousands attended.

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Stephen Hammontree said...

I discovered your blog from the profiles section of my own blog here @ blogspot, by clicking the northern michigan link. It's great to discover others here that are writing about life up North. I really enjoy your blog's focus and topics. Looking forward to the Water Festival here in TC.