Sunday, December 21, 2008

Looking Forward: The best of the old and a whole lot of new coming in 2009

The arts are taking a big step forward in ISLAND's programming for 2009, but we haven't forgotten to include the workshops and events you've loved in the past. Take a look, or check our events page for more information.

Art, Film, Philosophy
Our friends at Parkside Arts Council have agreed to pick up where we left off last year and offer another series of mind-grabbing presentations and discussions on art, ecology and philosophy! Specific details on speakers, dates, times and location coming soon.

Third Annual ISLAND Benefit Concert
Coming this spring at Shorts Brewing Company! Hear the best in local music and drink the best of local beer! Dates and lineup announced soon.

Arts and Advocacy
An ambitious project to build and support connections between advocacy-minded artists and advocacy organizations. Do you create art in order to make meaning around advocacy issues? Do you represent a gallery or arts organization that would like to host that kind of work? Do you represent an advocacy organization that is looking for new ways to think and talk about your issues? Contact us and get involved!

Black Cat Concert Series
Another collaboration with the fine Black Cat folks in Charlevoix! More information coming soon!

Rooting Deep, Branching Out
Another collaboration, this time with the Jordan River Arts Council and area artists. We're also interested in working with other cultural organizations and area non-profits. This is an August gallery show that will also move beyond the gallery walls. The name of the show comes from an invitation to area artists to consider the question "What does it mean to live Up North?"

Internships and Volunteer Work
Lots of opportunities to lend a hand and learn a new skill! This summer we'll be putting in the first of the residency and support buildings on the property, as well as needing volunteers to help with the library, media and developing programs! Contact us if you're interested!

Artist Residency Program
If all goes well, fall of 2009 will see the birth of the ISLAND residency program, supporting artists with the time and space to create new work, as well as hosting interns and visiting instructors. Lend a hand to make this program a reality!

What else?
Skill Swap III? Farmer training? Other workshops or events? There's still some room to play; let us know what you'd like to see!

Donate online
Is that donation envelope just sitting on your desk? Save yourself a stamp and give online.

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