Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ecological Gardening in the Grand Traverse Herald

Carol South gets it right! The Grand Traverse Herald published a short article this morning about our upcoming Ecological Gardening workshops. Usually when the mainstream press reports on sustainable living and permaculture they get it half-right, with a healthy dose of unwarranted skepticism. And then Carol South writes this:

An edible forest may sound like wild foods proponent Euell Gibbons is back, but the concept is more about using the forest as a metaphor for design -- gardening like the forest, not necessarily in the forest. This means creating a garden that is self maintaining and self fertilizing that could include berries, fruit trees, perennial vegetables, wild edibles, flowers, ground cover and mushrooms, among other things.

Nailed it. Did her homework. Paid attention in interviews. Thanks Carol!

There are still open spaces for the workshops; you can learn more about the specifics and register at our website.

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