Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cob Oven at Dhaseleer Event Barn

Cob oven workshop at the Dhaseleer Events Barn

Part I: Timber framing the base of the oven, led by Mark Maier from Tiller's International

Part II: Forming the cob oven

Part III: Firing the oven and making pizza!


turtlewoman said...

Just out of curiousity I'm wondering why timber framing was used instead of rocks or urbanite?


BTW - That pizza looked absolutely scrumptous :-D

ISLAND said...

There were a handful of reasons for choosing a timber frame:

1) it was new for me and something I've been excited to learn more about'

2) we had access to free wood but urbanite (surprisingly) was in short supply, at least at the time we looked;

3) it made the base building an interesting class on it's own; otherwise we may have had to stack the rocks ourselves. :)

4) cob insulated very well, so it's likely that that wood barely gets warm. We put 3-4 inches of cob and about 20 wine bottles down between the fire brick and the wood.

bonus - shelf space underneath the oven!