Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet the kids

Tonetta is a mama of twin billies!

Milking Posey and Tonetta twice a week has been an exceptional learning experience for us. We are both looking forward to keeping goats once we move onto the ISLAND property, but neither of us have much hands-on experience with them. Thanks to our friend and goat-keeper, we are able to milk, brush, feed, fill in and fall for these surprisingly charming creatures.


turtlewoman said...

I was just talking to a friend this morning about keeping goats. I had also this morning just finished reading about Goat Knoll Farm in OR where the husband/wife team raise goats for cashmere. Then I opened your blog and what do I happily find - more goats. Your guys are beautiful. When we move onto land in MI next summer (the plans for this summer had to be put on hold) we will have goats for both dairy and fiber. I am thinking of turning goat raising into my next career after teaching. I'll just go from 2-legged kids to 4-legged kids :-D


Wynn said...

Pretty babies indeed! I also like the litte guys from the slideshow. Just one more month and we'll be up there!