Friday, December 28, 2007

Thank You 2007 donors! Happy New Year!

Many thanks to these donors (and those who have given anonymously) who have helped to make ISLAND's programs possible. We look forward to many great events in 2008!

Peter & Elizabeth Balestrieri
Erich Bandemehr
Lindy Barnes
Doug Bedell
Flora Biancalana/Rising Star Wellness Center
Margaret Clixby
Roger & Carol Cox
Marco & Angela Dedenbach
Ric & Jenn Evans
Matt & Bethany Flechter
Linda Hartman
Mindy Hawley
Conrad & Alison Heins
Jeffrey & Wynn Jones
Norman & Judith Jones
Diana Milock
Thomas Nelson
Jonathan & Chris Nieuwsma
Stephen & Ann Norman
Linda Offenbacker
Holly & Kurt Priebe
Elise Schlaikjer
Harold & Jackie Swenson
Casey Terhorst
Jeremy Truog
Robert Ward
Max & Norma Wolf

1 comment:

Wynn said...

Happy Happy New Year to ISLAND! Congrats on your successful fundraising. I can't think of a better organization to support. Question? Are their loca black eyed peas in Northern Michigan????

Hugs, Wynn