Saturday, December 01, 2007

Our friends and neighbors

That party I just wrote about? It's called Grateful Giving, and it's our attempt to bring the blessings of the holidays to the fore, by gathering good folks (this is the one time of the year I wish our house was bigger), cooking up epicurean takes on local and traditional foods (like whitefish, leeks and wild mushrooms) and taking a moment to really give thanks.

Here are two blessings in our lives: Chris & Jody Treter, owners of Higher Grounds Trading Company and smiling old souls. Just found this article online about Chris' work with farmers/roasters in Guatemala. We love you guys! Oh, and Chris is one of the bloggers at Bean Activist, too. We just stopped by their fairly new coffee bar in Traverse City to spend local currency, buy a bunch of fair trade or locally made presents for friends and family and connect with the good people that flock to that store.

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Lindy said...

A "Grateful Giving" gathering sounds like a wonderful idea. Perhaps it could become a tradition - unless it already is.

Lindy (in drought-stricken AZ until June :)