Thursday, October 11, 2007

ISLAND Board Retreat

ISLAND has passed a major benchmark—our first board retreat. The board, which includes Michelle Ferrarese, Susan Fawcett, Misty Flahie, Marty Heller, Amanda Kik, Brad Kik, John Lindenmayer and Hilary Willson, were invited to Bellaire and tasked with taking the groundwork the founders have laid and determining which steps are needed to move from vision to reality.

Bill Palladiono of Krios Consulting lead the group through a process of reflection and visioning. We traveled to the possible future home of ISLAND, located just outside the Village of Bellaire. With notebooks in hand, the board visited several spots on and off the property to write down their individual roles, thoughts, concerns, goals and visions.

Back at the cottage, we coalesced these visions into one, and brainstormed our next steps.

As with any ISLAND event, community and food take an important role. There was plenty of food (thanks Marty and Michelle!), wine (thanks Hilary!), animal noises (thanks Susan!) and skinny dipping (thanks Joneses!).

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