Monday, September 03, 2007

What I Did This Summer: Introduction

The equinox, September 21, is the official end of summer, but folks in Northern Michigan know that the end comes as the sun sets on Labor Day. The jet skis are in storage, the grocery puts capers and organic pasta on clearance, and the roadways are clear of lolly-gagging sight-seers. There seems to be a collective sigh as summer vacation--and vacationers--comes to an end.

Although my student days are long behind me, and vacations a rare luxury, perhaps there is still value in recording and reporting on what I did this summer.

In the coming days, the blog will cover what we've been up to: goat-milking, kitchen projects (cheese and butter making, canning, and bread baking), purchasing land for ISLAND's permanent home, working with Parkside Arts Council, organizing Relocalizing II, and gearing up for our first board retreat.

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