Monday, December 09, 2013

ISLAND programs: doing it together

In the past several years, we have come together as a community to learn how to do more for ourselves—together. 

ISLAND organizes workshops for homeowners, homesteaders and farmers, teaching skills like welding, food preservation, livestock husbandry, soil development, care and use of farm machinery and other equipment, construction and use of passive solar hoophouses, garden design, and more.
We measure success in the new gardens growing (dozens), mason jars sitting on basement shelves (hundreds), and honey bees pollinating our woods and fields (hundreds of thousands).

“You are such a great connector! I really appreciate having the hub that you provide for information sharing. It is crucial. There is so much great talent and intelligence here that it is combustible once we get us all hooked up.”   —guild member and workshopper

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