Thursday, May 30, 2013

Introducing Summer/Fall 2013 Hill House Artists in Residence

The Hill House Artist Residency program supports talented emerging songwriters, writers at all stages of their career and non-studio artists with a two to four week stay in a secluded log cabin near East Jordan, Michigan. Artists are provided the time and space to create new work.

A total of thirteen artists were selected for the Hill House Artist Residency program for May through November 2013. We are proud to support the work of the following artists:

Telaina Eriksen
East Lansing, MI

An essayist, poet and memoirist, Telaina believes the best writing occurs when the author takes the greatest risks. "I try to write from a place of vulnerability, from a place where I try very hard not to care what anyone might think of me. My goal is to write in a way that exposes the true human condition, which isn't always a place that has a clean narrative arc." 

Gail South
Charlottesville, VA

Gail's manuscript, The Solitude of Memory, was a finalist for the 2012 PEN/Bellwether Prize for Socially Engaged Fiction. The Hill House residency will give her time and space for the final rewrite. “I work best in long stretches of solitude; a cabin in the woods is perfect. I would love to finish this novel in Northern Michigan, the place it began and the place I find the most inspiration." 

Sean McConnell
Emerging Musician
Phoenix, AZ

Sean has decided to make 2013 his "year of music" and support his livelihood solely from writing and touring. "I feel that the Hill House Emerging Musician Residency will aid in my completing this project. I plan on writing and recording, utilizing my own tools as well as the unique space I will be occupying while there." 

Alec Hershman
St. Louis, MO

Alec plans to use the solitude of his residency to create new poems, as well as work through a pile of existing poems to develop a book manuscript. "The private and unstructured time that the Hill House program affords its residents is exactly the kind of circumstance in which I can be most engaged and develop as an artist." 

Janice Dumas
Non-studio Artist
Milford, MI

"For the last ten years I have been enjoying plein air painting whenever I get the chance. This summer I plan to travel around Michigan and paint the beautiful scenery that we are blessed with. Janice feels the Hill House, " surrounded by some of the landscape I would love to include in my travels. I know I could spend two weeks painting the great concentration of natural beauty in your area and still not exhaust all the opportunities!"

Christine Khandjian
Emerging Musician

Christine is a French songwriter and singer, and feels the Hill House, "...would be a perfect quiet place for inspiration to write and compose.” She plans to work on her third album, create new songs, and finish her fifth musical production. 

Lucas Oswald with Dimon Dixon and Aaron Little
Collaborative Non-Studio Artists
San Antonio, TX, Corpus Christi, TX, and Columbia, MO

“I have a lot of songs in me and I'd like to come up there to that cabin to get some more of them out. I've always had to go through the 'creation process' alone in a sterile environment and I want to have the disciplined and monastic experience of being in an isolated space for a designated amount of time with two other musicians, to focus on making something beautiful together.” Lucas Oswald will be working with Dimon Dixon, a drummer, and Aaron Little, a bassist and multi-instrumentalist on two albums worth of material, 22 songs in all.

Three Thirds
Alex Wand, Claire Chenette, and Heather Lockie
Collaborative Emerging Musicians
Los Angeles, CA

Comprising the band are: Claire Chenette, oboe; Heather Lockie, viola; and Alex Wand, guitar. Together, 3/3rds pushes the boundary between experimental improvisation and the more formal concept of the traditional "folk song." A unique fusion happens when they play each other's songs. As a group, 3/3rds appreciates close harmonies, wordcraft, interesting rhythms and clever storytelling, and the music leans unavoidably toward the experimental.

Stacy Elko
Non-Studio Artist
Lubbock, TX

“Working with both physical and ephemeral media over the years, I have been evolving my ideas of transformation to be less personally hermetic and more inclusive of ideas of social and environmental awareness. In a world on the brink of potentially devastating environmental changes, it is of the utmost importance that we transform ourselves and our way of living. This residency would give me the opportunity to concentrate on a suite of artist books, both physical and ephemeral.” 

Special thanks to the Begonia Charitable Foundation for supporting the Hill House.

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