Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Save the Beards!

7th Annual ISLAND Benefit Concert at Short's Brewing Company in Bellaire
Saturday, May 4 from 4pm to late • $10 to $20 sliding scale
With special guests Graham Parsons & the Go Rounds, Joe Reilly, May Erlewine & Samuel Seth Bernard, Joshua Davis, Elisabeth Pixley-Fink and DJ Martoosh
Silent auction of handmade goods, art, local food and donations from local businesses
Have a donation for the silent auction? Contact Yvonne at yvonne@artmeetsearth.org

Save the Beards!

The second annual ISLAND shave-raiser is on! Once again during this year's benefit, contestants will be putting their beards on the line. But this time there's a twist—at the end of the night only one beard will remain! Last year, Seth Bernard topped the fund raising effort, and for that good deed, he lost his beautiful beard. This year, he who raises the most gets to keep their beard!

Be ready to hear some campaigning from this year's contestants. There will be donation jars for each contestant during the benefit. Give generously to those who you'd like to see keep their beard. If there's someone you'd love to see shaven, team up and support one of the other contestants! And gentlemen, if you've been unfairly coerced into volunteering for this contest, make your plea! Save your beard!

Between now and the day of the benefit, ISLAND is seeking volunteer beards to join into this fun. If you've been contemplating a little spring cleaning, or just believe your beard has what it takes to take on the rest and come away victorious, volunteer to be a participant in this year's shave-raiser. Send us a picture and a brief biography of your beard, and we'll add you to the pool! Contact Yvonne at yvonne@artmeetsearth.org.

Beard Bios

Marty Heller

Age:  the annual winter's growth
Texture:  smooth & silky on the sides, kinky-scratchy down the middle
Amount of gray: hmmm...20%?
Contemplated styles:  "Friendly Mutton Chops"?  "Hulihee"?
Quote: I love the transformation that a little facial hair gives me...nothing forces the contemplative "who is this man in the mirror?" like a complete profile overhaul. Facial hair is sculpture.  Sculpture is art.  Life is art.  "VIVA LA BARBA!!!!"
Save Marty's beard! Donate online here.
Jason Stephens
Age: 5 years
Texture: damp steel woolAmount of gray: 0.8%
Average depth: 2 knuckles
Special talents: serves as a golf tee holder during the summer months!
Why should I get to keep my beard? Simply put- nobody wants to see a baby cry, right? My little boy Jacob is a very happy baby. He loves to grab hold of his dad's beard and pull...HARD! It makes him laugh. Why would you deprive my baby boy of such joy? Please give to the my beard, and keep Jacob pulling!

Keith Kintigh
Let me introduce you to my friend, Beer'd. He is a seasonal visitor in our household. My old friend usually shows up around September; fresh, thin, whispy and full of promise. His presence makes us happy then as he represents the sweet anticipation and embrace of the cold months to come. As the chilly winds begin to howl; we have some great days afield. Beer'd keeps me warm and magically creates cute little ice nuggets from my warm breath. When we are out together, people will comment , "nice beer'd" and I will say "I know, isn't he". But come February, the tension starts to builds in our house. Beer'd has become a gluttonous fool; large, wiry and gray around the edges. He begins hoarding little bits of food, beer foam and such. My wife will lean in and whisper "shouldn't your friend go now? He has outstayed his welcome! I think he has been here long enough!" He becomes a cruel reminder of the long, dark winter. Though she would see him go, I love my friend Beer'd! Please help me to save him, so he can hang around for just a bit little longer.

Many thanks to our sponsors:
Edible Grande Traverse
WNMC 90.7 FM
Short's Brewing Company
Tandem Ciders
Viva! Wines
Higher Grounds Trading Company
Applesauce Inn
Rising Star Wellness Center
Oryana Natural Foods Market
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