Monday, March 04, 2013

Oryana Members: Vote for ISLAND's Canning Trailer

Picture a small enclosed trailer that can be pulled onto any one of a hundred small farms at the peak of produce ripeness. Folks gather, the trailer doors open, and in about 30 minutes everyone is getting to work in a three-season high-efficiency food preservation kitchen. A tent keeps wind, sun or rain off of a bank of high-BTU burners, boiling away at hot water baths and pressure canners. Inside the trailer, a sink and food prep station allows up to six people to work at prepping produce. Beyond canning, the trailer will support drying, fermenting, smoking and meat curing.
With this trailer we can:
  1. make food preservation a party. Folks can come to learn, or to update their skills, or they can come to meet new folks, hang out with friends and keep the drudgery away.
  2. close the gap between a small farm's surplus and the cellar pantry for scores of families.
  3. connect the dots between food preservation and the economy, culture and ecology of our small places.
How to Vote
Current members of Oryana Natural Foods Market in Traverse City may select from among five finalists for the 2013 Community Grant. Voting runs through April 15. The winner will be announced at the General Membership meeting on April 18 at Traverse City Central High School. Get your ballot from the Customer Service counter at Oryana. Read more about the Oryana Community Grant Program here:

Not an Oryana member, but would like to support the canning trailer? Donate here!

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