Friday, January 04, 2013

Introducing Winter/Spring 2013 Hill House Artists in Residence

The Hill House Artist Residency program supports talented emerging songwriters, writers at all stages of their career and non-studio artists with a two to four week stay in a secluded log cabin near East Jordan, Michigan. Artists are provided the time and space to create new work.

A total of nine artists were selected for the Hill House Artist Residency program for January through May 2013. We are proud to support the work of the following artists:
Wendy Spitzer
Emerging Musician
North Carolina

Wendy is a composer/performer primarily of instrumental compositions that incorporate elements of experimental, classical and pop music. She will spend her residency composing a soundtrack to a short animated film, to be performed live at the Strange Beauty Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina.

Loren Nosan
Non-Studio Artist

Loren's work sheds light on the hidden, the mundane and the overlooked. Loren is a storyteller, and her work evinces a fascination with the dislocation and discovery that mark the process of shaping and understanding experience.

Robert Singley
Emerging Musician

Robert is a composer working toward a Doctorate of Musical Arts at the University of British Columbia. His current project is a book of musical meditations that reflect on the Appalachian Trail. Walking Towards the Sun is scored for a string quartet.

Nate Henricks & Angie Schoenherr
Collaborative Emerging Musicians

Nate is a recording/performance/visual artist. His approach is largely influenced by outsider art and alternative cultural ethics, as it is his goal to produce interesting, unconventional and noncommercial music.
Angie is a multi-instrumentalist musician, photographer and visual artist. She primarily plays banjo, accordion, vocals, guitar, piano, and the musical saw.

Ashley Siebels

Ashley's first collection of short stories, You Are a North American Housewife, is inspired by the work of Grace Paley and Lorrie Moore as well as her own midwestern upbringing. Her characters are faulted, sweet, desperate, and humorous.

Nicole Garneau
Non-Studio Artist
Nicole's cultural work is interdisciplinary, and includes performance, visual art, installation, music, parties, street theater, earth works, environmental intervention, new genre public art, and project art. Her work is informed by feminism; spirituality; ceremony; critical race analysis; queer theory; the politics of the body; and the social/political implications of natural disasters.

Sue Van Duine & Judy Truigg
Great Lakes Bioneers Participatory Artists

In October, Sue and Judy were the Great Lakes Bioneers Participatory Artists. They worked with the Great Lakes Bioneers community to create a participatory art work in the shape of a tree that explored the theme of the conference—"Tag, you're it!" The tree holds the hopes, fears and actions of those working toward environmental stewardship and social justice. They will continue to work on this project while in residence at the Hill House. 

Special thanks to the Begonia Charitable Foundation for supporting the Hill House.

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