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Great Lakes Bioneers Participatory Artist Residency

Great Lakes Bioneers Participatory Artist Residency

Application deadline is July 16, 2012. Download application here.
Great Lakes Bioneers Participatory Artist Residency
ISLAND is partnering with the Great Lakes Bioneers to offer a unique residency opportunity for an artist working in participatory or community art. Great Lakes Bioneers hosts an annual conference in Traverse City where engaged citizens from all walks of life come together to focus on solving our most urgent problems within a framework of interdependence: It is all connected. Bioneers take a “solve-the-whole-problem” approach that is holistic, systemic, and multidisciplinary. The arts work hand-and-hand with science, social justice and community activism, and since the early days, the Great Lakes Bioneers have invited an artist from our local community to lead a participatory art project during the conference weekend.  Now in our its decade, Great Lakes Bioneers would like to deepen and widen this experience by drawing on a broader community of artists with interest and expertise in participatory, community art. Stipend of $700 is available (includes materials).
The Great Lakes Bioneers Participatory Art Project
The artist in residence will be expected to lead a participatory, community arts project at the 2012 Great Lakes Bioneers Conference (October 19-21). Over 700 attendees plug in to our art project over the course of the weekend, and the completed work will be the property of GLB, to be displayed in the community at a location to be determined.  GLB will provide a budget for materials and a small stipend.  In return, GLB expects the following from the artist:
  • Attend the three-day Great Lakes Bioneers conference in Traverse City, MI (October 19-21, 2012)
  • Engage conference attendees in art project and guide them through the project as needed
  • Leading up to the conference, coordinate with conference planners to ensure the success of the project
  • If project is incomplete at the end of the conference, the artist will be expected to complete the project.
The Hill House
The goal of the Hill House Artist Residency is to support talented songwriters, writers and non-studio artists with a two, three or four week stay in a semi-secluded log cabin near East Jordan, Michigan. It includes a well stocked kitchen, a selection of instruments and some basic recording gear—and time and space to create new work.

Selection Criteria
Applications will be juried by a panel selected by ISLAND and the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference. Residency awards are merit driven, based primarily on the quality of your existing work, using the following criteria, in order of priority:
  • the creativity and integrity of the work
  • the strength of the artist’s statement and the perceived fit with the Hill House residency
  • the availability of the artist in the dates still open for residents
For an excellent overview of the residency application process, visit the Alliance of Artists Communities website.

How to Apply
Read further and download an application at

We are happy to help you with this process! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda Kik at (231) 622-5252 or amanda@artmeetsearth‌.org.

ISLAND is a proud member of the Alliance of Artists Communities.

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