Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ISLAND Internship Program 2012

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The Institute for Sustainable Living, Art & Natural Design (ISLAND) is seeking one self-directed and contagiously curious intern for the summer of 2012. The ISLAND intern will work in and around the Village of Bellaire in Northwest Lower Michigan (50 miles NE of Traverse City) for between 8 and 16 weeks from June to October.

ISLAND intern Yvonne Stephens learned about beekeeping and event planning during her 2009 summer internship.

A typical ISLAND intern is interested in plenty of the following: alternative building, animals, architecture, art, arts administration, beekeeping, bioregionalism, construction, community organizing, computers, design, ecology, farming, film, food, gardening, homesteading, outdoor work, manual labor, music, philosophy, poetry, radical hospitality, radical domesticity, reading, renewable energy, resilience, small non-profit work and sustainable living.

Maria Wesserle at a timber framing workshop during her 2009 summer internship.

ISLAND interns are equally at home with a tool belt and a laptop. Interns have real responsibility on a mix of projects both challenging and prosaic. Expect a few fresh blisters, and expect that others will be counting on you, and not just to bring them coffee.
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2010 intern Mindy Otto at an apricot canning workshop.

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