Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome New Events Assistant Mary Brower

We put out a call in the fall for an Events Assistant—someone to help Events Coordinator Yvonne Stephens with the over 75 events we have planned for 2012. Over 40 people applied, and we spent weeks pouring over resumés and interviewing amazing people. There were many good folks to choose from, and we wish we could have given a half dozen of them jobs. Instead, we settled on just one: Mary Brower.

Mary Brower grew up out west, but has spent much of her life chasing geography. Her past is littered with partial careers in teaching, farming, writing, and cooking. Pleased to be setting down permanent roots in this part of the world, Mary’s favorite means of procrastination involve winter gardening, food preservation, and making supper for her husband and little boy.

We hope you will get to know Mary at one of our many events this year. We're excited to have her on Team ISLAND!

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