Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunshine, Honey Mushrooms, and Homemade Soup
Sunday, October 10th--Mushroom hunters from as far as Mount Pleasant, Ann Arbor, Cadillac and Traverse City combed the woods of Antrim County together on Sunday, collecting over 22 species of fungal finds. Among these were the choice edibles: king bolete, chanterelle, aborted entoloma, and honey mushrooms.

ISLAND, Grass River Natural Area and the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club partnered to hold this month's Northwestern Michigan Mushroom Foray. Guests from MMHC included their President, Phil Tedeschi, and Secretary Sister Marie Kopin, who shared their expert identification skills with
us all. Phil, an avid cook, prepared a delicious wild mushroom potato leek soup featuring hen of the woods and oyster mushrooms. Yum! Thank you Phil, Sister Marie, and MMHC for joining ISLAND and GRNA for one of our monthly mushroom forays.

To learn more about the Northwest Michigan Mushroom Forays, contact Franny Bluhm at GRNA at info@grna.org or 231-533-8314 or Yvonne at ISLAND yvonne@artmeetsearth.org or 231-480-4515 for more information.

The Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club (MMHC) is a social and educational organization dedicated to collecting, identifying, and enjoying wild mushrooms found throughout the state of Michigan.To learn more about the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club, you can visit their website.

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