Monday, October 11, 2010

Musician resident Adam Waugh brings musical talents to Short's Brewery

Saturday night October 2, after a victorious Michigan State University football game against Wisconsin, Adam Waugh, ISLAND Hill House musician in residence, took to the stage at Short's Brewing Company to share his musical explorations. Adam arrived at the Hill House September 29 and will stay through October 27 as the emerging musician resident. 

Waugh was born and raised in Cedar, Michigan. He has traveled and lived extensively throughout the United States, including Montana, Colorado and New York, as well as in Europe and South America. Adam is a strong believer of immersing himself in and absorbing the culture, lifestyles, and music of the diverse areas through which he has traveled and lived. He is a musical expeditionary, always exploring new sounds and music, and the means with which to record and share these findings. His music is a rich blend of Indie Folk, Americana, and old Country infused with intrepid vocals and emotion.
During his performance, Waugh invited friend and fellow musician Eric Chamberlin, to join him onstage, adding harmonica and vocals to Waugh's original pieces. 

Along with performing to a full-house at Short's Brewery, Waugh had the honor of being the second live concert for the newest member of the Kik family, Ily Magdalena, who, rumor has it, is a tough music critic. Rumor also has it, she thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  


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