Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bringing Back Chaplin: Hill House artist in resident presents silent film project

Monday night August 23, Esteban del Valle, ISLAND Hill House artist in residence, took viewers back in time to the Charlie Chaplin era during a short film screening at the Jordan River Arts Council. Del Valle presented his A Preemptive Collapse of an Arduous Revolt Against Lunar Aspirations or "That revolt gives life its value" which he wrote, directed and performed the main role, immersing himself as both creator and character.

Presenting slides of mural work throughout the US.
Deeply inspired by Chaplinesque silent movie conventions and Chaplin's work during the Great Depression, Esteban used the film to take a comical approach to evaluating the role of the political artist in the pursuit of social change. The piece follows the rise and fall of one man's attempt to start a revolution against the moon.

Esteban spent three weeks at the Hill House residency researching for and beginning to write his next short film. Next month Esteban will be heading to Woodside, California to continue his work at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program.

Self-portrait that aims to reflect on his role as an artist in the
fight for justice and equality.

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