Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time & Space to Collaborate: Marcus & Melissa Sigh

“That was one of the best times I’ve ever had anywhere doing anything.” -Marcus Sigh

Emerging musicians Marcus and Melissa Sigh completed their two-week residency at the ISLAND Hill House on July 12 where they collaborated on pieces for their new group, Small Enough to Win.

Joined in life almost six years ago, the Sighs met through their music, but have not had the opportunity to fully collaborate musically until this year.  Marcus is a hip-hop artist and bassist who has performed in Lansing area schools, churches, and community centers. He is also an accomplished audio engineer, videographer, video editor, and graphic design artist. He has successfully woven these skills together on multiple music projects. Melissa is a vocalist, keyboardist, and (beginning) guitarist and has held solo performances at several venues in the Lansing area, including coffee shops, art galleries, and festivals. For the past five years Melissa has taught music in Michigan’s public schools where she collaborated with her students to create and release 9 albums of original music.

Small Enough to Win combines soulful sounds of keyboard and bass guitar with sound engineered drumbeats and rhythms that give the pieces a worldly edge. They also plan to add another dimension to their music through the use of multimedia in performances. “Our approach to music making thus far has been to freely pursue small   grooves or musical concepts that can serve as a backbone to be fleshed out.”

During their two-week stay at the Hill House, Marcus and Melissa, accompanied by their dog Sadie, wrote nine songs, which they performed for the ISLAND Board, staff and friends during a potluck at the Hill House. They return to Lansing with the prospect of a slower summer and the potential for continued collaboration. We wish success to the Sigh’s and renewed energy for their coming work.      

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