Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thanks Josh!

Woah. If I'm ever walking around with my fly open or I have mustard in my beard, please let me know! We just got a phone message from Josh, letting us know he was checking out our website, and apparently one of our links had changed.

We quote from the Sustainable Living Network and then link to them: - except that now, for one reason or another, that website has been re-inhabited by Dow Chemical. Because Dow is sustainable now, yay! Right?

Thanks to Josh's heads up, we've removed the link. Instead, we invite you to visit this link instead : the art of Paul Phare relating to Dow and it's blatant greenwashing.

1 comment:

turtlewoman said...

WOW! The masks are fantastic. The text - right on!

Now Mr. Phare needs to give equal billing to Monsanto :-D