Friday, February 20, 2009

Learn about maple syrup

Brad Kik, ISLAND's Co-Director, has been volunteering many winter hours in the Wagbo sugar bush. He has been spending days checking lines to ensure a smooth flow of sap once the spring thaw begins. View this video for a glimpse of his hard work, along with Doug Bedell and James Manning:

Song by Seth Bernard--Go Within from his newest album, This Here

Wagbo recently announced its educational programs around the sugar bush. Visit the Wagbo Blog for details on the following workshops: Sugaring Folklore and Tradition, Bring it to a Boil: Evaporator Training, Maple Ecology, and Making Maple Syrup.

And don't miss the 7th Annual Maple Syrup Festival on Saturday, March 28th!


turtlewoman said...

I'm very glad to know that Wagbo now has a blog - now I can follow the goings-on at their place.

The snow looked cold in your video :) It also looked clean and peaceful.


turtlewoman said...

Hello Brad - My Winter '09 issue of Edible GT just arrived. I want to congratulate you on your excellent piece - love that map. Excellent resource for place-based ed.


Anonymous said...

Great song by Seth - thank-you for sharing the video.

Peace, Samantha (healing tree farm)