Monday, January 19, 2009

Northern Michigan Permaculture Guild

The Northern Michigan Permaculture Guild was conceived and started as a result of ISLAND's Edible Forest Gardening workshop series held in the late summer of 2008, in partnership with Little Artshram, Eco Learning Center and The Green Man. The guild is an informal collection of students and practitioners of Permaculture. You do not need to be certified as a student or teacher of Permaculture - all skill levels are welcome, including absolute beginners!

The Project
The plan is simple. We've created a Google listserv for the group. This listserv will act as a venue for announcements and online discussion. There are no required meetings, no dues and no stress. We'll occasionally arrange potlucks, property tours, workshops and work bees. All members are welcome to do the same.

The work bees are opportunities to trade your labor for learning, good company and usually some great food! Work bees last anywhere from a couple of hours to a weekend and can include fruit tree planting, sheet mulching, building projects or other "many hands=light work" jobs.

Get Involved!
It's easy. Click through to the Google Permaculture Guild page and click on "Join this group." If you already have a Google mail account or have signed up for other Google services, this will just take a couple of clicks. If you haven't opened a free Google account yet you will need to register. You do not need to sign up for Google mail to get an account. Questions? Problems? Email Amanda Kik at


grace said...

Brad, wouldn't let me get past second page to 'sign up'.

ISLAND said...

Hi Grace! If you send your email address to me at amanda (at), I can sign you up directly.

Linda said...

Wayne Weiseman, Permaculture Design Course instructor, will be giving a workshop at Song of the Morning (9.5 miles east of Vanderbilt, MI) on the weekend of April 29-May 1.

For more information, check our website at