Tuesday, August 19, 2008

News and Announcements

Some things y'all may be interested in knowing about...

1) We're excited to hear about the new "Stitch & Sip" taking place at Short's Brewing Company in Bellaire. They welcome knitters and crocheters of any level, including those who are interested in learning how to do either one. It takes place the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5 pm. For more information contact Alison Hendry at alison.hendry@gmail.com or 231.533.6828.

2) There are just 10 days left for the discounted early bird pricing on the upcoming Ecological Gardening workshops! Your registration must be postmarked by August 29th to qualify.

3) There are just 3 VIP spots left! Your VIP pass enables you to attend all the workshops, receive both volumes of Edible Forest Gardens, walk along on the ISLAND consulting tour and have dinner with Dave Jacke! This is a unique educational opportunity.

1 comment:

turtlewoman said...

YEEESH! All I can do is groan at all I am missing. Stitch & Sip - how totally cool that would be. :-D

I can only hope Eco. Gardening will be offered again next summer.

And 3 VIP spots left - I don't even know what that means but it sounds great.

Lindy - 104 degrees this evening in the Sonoran Desert