Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Three Links About Farming

First, a short and simple but interesting article that makes this case:

"There is an inverse relationship between the size of farms and the amount of crops they produce per hectare. The smaller they are, the greater the yield."

Take 10 minutes here:

Second, for when you have the time, here's an episode of "Kentucky Author Forum" where Wendell Berry interviews Bill McKibben! What! I'd love to hear what you think about this. Thanks to Hans Voss at MLUI for digging this up for us. Bill McKibben is coming to Traverse City this September -- more on that soon!

Take an hour or so here:

Finally, for when you have a WHOLE LOT of free time, dig deep into Homesteading Today, a forum on all things self-reliant. Just about everything Amanda says to me these days starts with "I was reading Homesteading Today and...."

Take a few months here:

Any other sites we should be checking out? Leave a comment...

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