Monday, May 19, 2008

It's All Connected: The Context of Place

When a highly respected member of our field invited ISLAND to help kick off their new blog, we were tickled.

Caitlin Strokosch, Executive Director of the Alliance of Artists Communities, musician, artist, and mother hen of residency programs across disciplines, has been working to expand the web presence and field awareness of artists communities. Hoping to spark an online discussion, she asked Brad Kik to discuss this field in a larger context.

Brad's response, titled, "It's All Connected: The Context of Place" begins:
How often has an artist at a residency felt that their work was deeply informed by and related to the ecology of that place? How about the local economy (such as it is)? How about the local cultural community (such as it is)?

Beyond that, how many artists have felt that they are bringing their home community (if they call one home) with them to inform their work or to relate to the work of the residency?
Congratulations, Alliance of Artists Communities, for the launching of the shiny new website and blogs!

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