Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank You!

Incredible. Not really sure what to say about it, actually, other than we were amazed by the support we received at the ISLAND benefit concert this Saturday. Twelve of our favorite Earthworkers (including 2 surprise guests!) played for well over five hours; we nearly sold out of cakewalk tickets, Dave Runyan of Runyan Media handled the concrete floor, brick walls and massive crowds and produced some of the best sound we've ever heard at Shorts. The Shorts staff - particularly the front of the house (Mindy, Christine, Leah and Jessica) - handled huge lines with incredible efficiency. The bus arrived from Traverse City and we barely noticed, because the house was already filled! We did notice that the bus was full of our friends, joining hundreds of others in a celebration of spring, music, art and sustainable living.

So thank you, all. Thanks to Shorts Brewing Company for being rock star hosts. Thanks to Earthwork Music, particularly Seth, May, Brandon, Laura, Micah, Darlene, Susan, Chris, Pat, Marty, Trevor and Luke for playing their hearts out. Thanks to Dave Runyan of Runyan Media for making it all sound pro and preserving a copy for us! Thanks to our cakewalk donors: Pleasanton Bakery, Birch Point Farm, Higher Grounds Trading Company, The Bellaire Smokehouse, Michelle Ferrarese and Norma Wolf (Brad's mom)! Thanks to our volunteers: Yvonne, Jason, Marty, Michelle, Sarah, Deb, Max, Norma, Pepper, Tom (the chicken man) and Sarna! Thanks for Alita for organizing the bus! Thanks to those that donated their change at the door! Thanks to everyone who came!

Here are a few early returns from our volunteer photographers. These are all from Sarah Christiansen:

Surprise Guest #1: Trevor Hobbs of Breathe Owl Breathe - ukulele, percussion, glacial moraine analysis
From L-R: Brandon Foote, Micah Middaugh, Trevor (tiny), White Robot and Surprise Guest #2 Luke Winslow King!

a busy busy night. Turns out we're the #2 highest night since Short's opened four years ago. Steppin' In It on Dec 30th 2006 takes the grand prize.
Yeah! All the way to the right, there's miss May Erlewine rounding out one of a half-dozen incredible, interchangable, never-ending-always-shifting Earthwork sets!

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