Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Springtime Volunteering

Just a quick note to say that our volunteering page has been updated; it's very easy for you to give an hour or two and play an important role in ISLAND's projects. Here's a just a few ways for you to help:

Surveying the property - to take place once the snow melts. We've got a great team of four so far and could use two or three more! No experience required, and you'll learn how to map your own parcel!

Photography - to document ISLAND events. You provide the time, digital camera and skill; we get you in for free!

Skill sharing research - adding new skills to our DIY Skills page. No web development experience required - just some good writing ability. You can do this from anywhere!

Street Team - a fancy way of saying we can use your help hanging posters and getting the word out about our events, especially if you live in the "three fingers" region (from Emmet down to Manistee) or in a Michigan urban center.

Take a look at the volunteering page for more, and contact us if you're interested. If you have other ideas about how to build a relationship with ISLAND, let us know.

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