Friday, August 10, 2007

Links of Late

Things that have struck our fancy lately:

M.I.K.E. (“Musically Integrated Kiosk Environment”)
As we put more time into thinking about building and design, creative ways to reuse materials tend to turn our heads. We learned about this inspiring recording studio (at a conference put on by the Alliance of Artists Communities) that can also be used as a performance space. It is constructed from an old silo and created by an artist in residence at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

Die Electric
According to the creator, Scott Amron, "A Dielectric is an insulating material. It does not conduct electricity. The 'Die Electric' experiment makes use of AC power plugs and sockets less the flow of electricity." This is a good example of art mixing with environmental issues.

Should This Milk Be Legal?

The New York Times published an article this week about raw milk, and the growing numbers of folks who are going to lengths to find it.

Farm Bill and What We Eat
Today on NPR's Science Friday show, the hose, Ira, highlighted issues surrounding the Farm Bill and why we should care. It included Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, and Sandor Ellix Katz (ISLAND's guest this last fall).

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