Sunday, July 08, 2007

10 reasons to support recycling in Antrim County (great talking points for letters or phone calls too):

1 - It’s the right thing to do for the environment.
Recycling reduces air pollution and carbon emissions and requires less water than virgin processing.

Recycling reduces the groundwater contamination risk from landfills (Wexford County, anyone?) and surface water contamination risk from incinerators.

Recycling protects natural resources like forests and prevents erosion.

Recycling creates enormous energy savings over new manufacture; between 40% and 80%, depending on the material.

2 - We have a responsibility for our own waste stream and energy use.
Antrim County residents are stealing a public service from Traverse City and other neighbors!
The more we recycle and recover resources, the more independence we gain from international oil, foreign mines, foreign products, etc. In fact, Americans are recycling as much now as we did during WWII.

3 - Recycling supports the Michigan economy.
The recycling industry accounts for over 5,000 jobs in Michigan, including $137,000,000 in payroll, and nearly 2 billion in revenue statewide (from the MRMP: The Economic Impact of Recycling study, Michigan Recycling Coalition 2001).

Though market prices shift (as with any commodity) the overall market has been growing.

4 - Recycling is affordable.
For the cost of a dozen garbage bags/household we can have county wide drop-off recycling, particularly as landfilling is likely to become more expensive over time, and as recycling programs develop greater efficiencies.

5 - Recycling supports the natural beauty, rural character of Antrim County.
Along with protecting lands for recreation and protecting our water, recycling programs help to attract visitors to our area.

6 - PA 138 funding is fair.
Act 138 spreads the cost over parcels, rather than a millage or a book-purchasing program. No single township or segment of the citizens bears the cost.

7 - PA 138 is simple.
Act 138 focuses only on recycling, so it won’t interfere with other waste management programs in your township.

8 - Recycling is in demand in Antrim County
A public survey shows overwhelming support - in the area of 93% or higher in many townships.

9 - Recycling is an important component of the Antrim County Solid Waste Plan.

10 - A Recycling program now can be used as a launchpad for better future waste management practices.

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