Thursday, October 26, 2006

Survey Report!

Our first 40 surveys are in. See the survey results (summarized), or add your voice.

What we're excited about:

Strong support for Natural Design Workshops, Sustainable Living Workshops and our Lending Library!

The strong majority of respondents are interested in attending more than one ISLAND workshop a year - as shown by the repeat attendance at our most recent event. 46.2% of you said you're up for 2 - 3 workshops a year, right on pace with what we can offer at this early stage.

44.7% of you are looking NOW for events and workshops to attend; another 34.3% are looking soon (in the next year or sooner).

A majority of you (often a strong majority) have either a minor or major personal interest in all aspects of our work!

What's less exciting: so far, the support for our sustainable living and natural design components far outweighs support for our art programs. We attribute this to the fact that events tend to draw people to our surveys and our first two events have not had an art focus. We'll learn more as we plan and register folks for The Mysterious Mystery of the Mist-Eared Mister E. Art Rally, coming this spring!!

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