Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bioneers a Success!!

I work on the Great Lakes Bioneers planning committee to organize the conference each year, and each year my respect grows for the leadership of that committee - Bob & Sally from the Neahtawanta Resource & Education Center and Sarna & Pete from SEEDS.

This year saw Dave Jacke, author of Edible Forest Gardens, team with Jay Tomczak from the Michigan State University student organic farm - national meets local. Also, a highly energized workshop on improving health care, a study of waste-water management using constructed wetlands, an incredible Friday night concert from the Earthwork Music Collective, conversations, conversations, conversations, local food from local farmers cooked by local chefs, a Saturday night jam with Cabildo, Holly Spaulding's literary and masterful morning plenary, and piped-in plenaries from Paul Stamets, Amy Goodman and Paul Hawkens, among others. And that was just MY experience.

This was the fifth year of the conference in Traverse City, and the one I've most enjoyed.

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