Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Amanda Always Wanted to be a Librarian

Here are two quick shots from our FIRST SHELF of our new library. We've got our first 273 books into our database, labeled with archival foil backed labels and stacked on our shelves. We've also got a few hundred more books to put into the system, including fresh donations from folks in the community (thanks Gary and Sarna!). If you want to donate books (and we can take any book and trade it on paperback swap) or help us get our library together, send us an email.

The library includes art, design, sustainable living (like the gardening and food preservation book above), philosophy and media studies. We'll also have random fiction, and hope to partner with other folks to get a peace and social justice component. We're looking for space, too - at least one 8-10' long wall around Traverse City where we can build bookshelves and where the community can get at the books!

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